Giving: A Key to Overcoming Debt

To some this defies logic.  “If I owe money, why would I give money away?”  We all know the saying “It is better to give than to receive” and I am a firm believer in this principle.  Whether it be to a cause you believe in, friends or family in need, the homeless, or your local assembly of worship, giving a portion of your income will not only contribute to help others in need but also uplift your overall morale.

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”
– John Bunyan

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In Search of Martians

Instead of spending $2.5 Billion landing a remote controlled car on Mars to look for ‘life’ and a potential $100 Billion sending 6 astronauts there, don’t you think that OUR tax money would have been better invested helping out the living on our own planet who are suffering from the student loan crisis? Oh yeah, the government is still in denial that there even is a crisis…

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Student Loan Education Rant

Last night I had a conversation with a young man entering college for the first time next semester. He showed me his financial aid offer sheet and I was able to advise him on what he should do and share some wisdom about the private loan industry, explain what subsidized vs. unsubsidized loans were, and share some of my experiences and bad decisions in hopes he won’t one day be in the same situation I’m in. The sad thing is, he knew NOTHING about what I shared. There should be classes, even at the high school level for seniors, at the very least seminars at Orientation or by financial aid officers to empower these kids to know what they are getting themselves into!!

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For Profit

“Witness the exploitation of the American student.”

Check out this promo for an upcoming theatre performance called ‘For Profit’ currently showing in Portand, ME: 

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Forgive Student Loan Debt!

Robert Applebaum began this cause writing a proposal for Student Loan Reform receiving over 1.5 Million signatures (and counting) using the hashtag #ListentotheMillion.  This proposal became known as HR 4170.  A Facebook Page was later created which consists of a great group of people with one goal in mind: Forgive Student Loan Debt! We are particularly seeking refuge from the high yielding interest that doubles and even triples the initial amount taken out over the years.  Mr. Applebaum is doing a great job lobbying for the cause.

For more information visit the website: and
Facebook Page:

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DEFAULT: the student loan documentary

Just watched this interesting documentary on the student loan crisis in America.  You can rent it on for $1.99, see the trailer below: 

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The Problem with Private Colleges & Universities

I’ve attended many public and private universities through the years, enjoying my experiences on both levels.  Today I’m addressing the issue of tuition and financing.  While reading the news yesterday I came across an article dealing with the cost of private institutions and how many “for-profit” schools use deceptive measures to trap students into paying enormous tuition fees at the expense of high interest loans:

Leaders in Deception: For-Profit Colleges Pocket $32 Billion in Taxpayer Dollars

This article does not negate the fact that there are some GREAT private institutions of learning out there.  I attended one of them: the University of Miami, which now boasts a yearly tuition cost of over $42,000.  If you have the money, don’t have to take out loans and/or get scholarships and grants, I say go for it!!  But, if you find yourself taking out a $42,000 or even a $21,000 loan every year, transfer to a public university – you’ll find there isn’t THAT much of a difference.  Some of my favorite classes and professors have come from public universities.

Think about it.  Would you rather have a Bachelor in Business Marketing from the University of Miami with a student loan debt of $80,000 @ 6.8% interest?  Or that same Bachelor in Business Marketing from Florida International University with a student loan debt of maybe $20,000?

There are also those private “for-profit” universities that run like businesses: Kaplan University and Keiser University being 2 that come to mind.  Stay away from these schools, they use deceptive recruiting techniques and will accept almost anyone.  They charge an arm and a leg for an education that many times is not worth it.  Usually when people pay for a private education they are paying not just for the experience but the name, and these schools do not carry much weight in the eyes of many employers.  As a disclaimer: This is my opinion and I do not speak from experience but from my own research and the experiences of others.

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